Hi, my name is Gal.
I do logos, branding, web and app designs. I like to play some video games by myself or with friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you are not a player, but you are interested in design, you can scroll down for more!


Hi, nice to meet!

My name is Gal, a young designer
that provide you a Branding
Design, Logos, Web and App.

As I remember when I was a kid I always was a open minded for things.
In art class, the teacher saw in me a different person that can think, build
and being creative. I guess it was my the best thing I ever had, and of course
my friends always think that Iโ€™m weird, but who cares – I enjoyed it!


Branding, Product design

The North Star:
Drinks bar


Drop me a line if you want or something.
If you have a project you want me to
work together on, thatโ€™s great.